WTS 38.7 mil SP Abyss / mining toon

I am for sale.


  • Perfect for running T5 Abyss sites with Gila - included 2 bil High-Grade Crystal set!
  • Orca mining, can immediately get in Rorqual with included 2.4m unallocated SP!
  • Good PI skills
  • Near perfect drone skills

Located in Jita
No kill rights
Positive wallet
1 + 2 bonus remaps

PLEX transfer

Starting 25 bil
B/O 30 bil

I can offer 26b buyout.

Thanks for the offer, I’ll leave it a bit longer to see if I get any more.



29bil buyout? Can send the isk now

I will offer the 30b buyout.

31b bo



33 bil.


34.5 bil.


Last offer accepted, I will initiate PLEX transfer as soon as ISK and account name are received.

36 B/O

Isk and name sent. Looking forward, keep me posted on the plex transfer.

Sold to @Cyril_Figgus for 36b.

ISK received and PLEX transfer initiated.

Hows it looking, I havent received an email notif of the transfer yet.

Bumping, any updates?