Wts 38 M sp Toon: ORE/processing focused


A good pilot is for sale! Check her skills and judje yourself. I would like to get at least 30 bil.

Sec status is little negative, wallet is little positive :grinning:

No kill rights, no assets

Please post offers here

Thank you!

I can give u now 25bil. Ready for transfer now

Thank you for the offer, I ll wait a bit to see if I can get like 30

26bil and lets do it :smiley:

No no, sorry, not now, wanna see firstly if I can get 30. It seems fair price

27bil last offer from me

I make a decision in a day and let you know, thank you!

28 bil

Thank you for attention! I ll accept 28 bil bid

all sent

Please give an update as to when transfer will be initiated or please post support ticket number if plex transfer

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