WTS 38m+ SP chimera/thanatos/nyx/wyvern/scaner+

38m+ SP
positive security status,
no kill rights,
npc corp,
chimera/thanatos/nyx/wyvern pilot
good scanner
Starting bid : 30 b
Buy out : 35 b

25b offer

27b offer

30b offer

31 b offer

32b offer

35b B/O if still on sale.

36 bill b/o.

Any sort of response would be nice.

36,5 b/o

0/ Sry, was it work trip. Im ready for deal

Yes. Still open

Ill open things back up at 25b offer

Still for selling?

still for selling

Ive offered 25b 3d ago and no answer… are you sure?


26 bil o7

30 bil Offer until I see another character

still selling?