Positive wallet
no kill rights
no Jump clones
character is in Jita
Remaps 2
plus 4- full set attribute
starting bid 22 bil
quite bit of skills injected as well

ill put out an 18bil offer because why not :slight_smile:

Today is your lucky day, I’m feeling impatient sold if you really want it.

yea you ready to do the trade? :slight_smile:

Sure send to Powerblade

money goes to the toon thats for sale then you transfer it to whatever toon you wish

rules of character transfer

okay, I never done this before, I didn;t see that part, thanks for letting me know

Isk and account info sent

okay give me a minute thanks

Transfer to Flameofthewest?

I sent you a mail ingame

this tread can be deleted, sold

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