WTS 39.6 m sp / Gallente Focused Mission & Mining Pilot

In NPC Corp, Docked in Garisas
2 Jump Clones in HS (Both In Pashanai - With Implants)
Remap = Febuary 2019
Sec Status + 5.16
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Can Fly “ALL” Exhumer’s and Expedition Frigates

Industrial Command Ships / Bowhead and Obelisk

First 35 Billion gets this well skilled pilot.
I will pay fee and transfer within 24hrs of receiving ISK payment

(see EvE Skillboard for full stats)


Bumped from original posting

30 bil

Noted. I will give it a bit and see if other offers get closer to my asking price.

Ok. Offer accepted.
Waiting on isk… Will check back after work today.

I’ll take it for 30 bills if he doesn’t reply.

Sold. will transfer isk shortly.

ISK sent. Please confirm receipt.

2018.12.29 17:33:38 Player Donation -30,000,000,000 ISK [r] Guzad Saken deposited cash into Phillip O’Casey Wallace’s account

Account info sent to in game mail.

Confirmed. ISK Received .

Transfer Initiated 12/29 @ 00:07 eve time

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