WTS 39M SP Focused Nyx Pilot


A ready to go focused Nyx pilot, with no wasted SP.



  • 39M SP

  • 250,000 unallocated SP

  • Heavy Fighters 5 and FHM 5

  • Perfect passive armor tanking skills

  • JDC 5

  • Gallente Interceptor trained for easy travel

  • 2 pimped out clones, both in Jita, worth 7.7 B isk in total

  • Nyx Serpentis SKIN worth 2 B isk

5.0 Sec status, no Kill Rights and a positive wallet.

Seller pays transfer fee as per CCP rules.

This is the ideal toon if you want to build the perfect Nyx pilot!

Starting Bid: 40 B isk

Buyout: 50 B isk

Bids accepted in-game and on this thread.

45B B/O

That’s a great opening bid. Keep em coming please!

46b isk

47B offer

48b offer


Auction on hold as buyout offer made. Check in-game mail agenting jita.

OK,isk sent,check in-game.

Thank you! Transfer made, have to wait 10 hours for it to go through. Have a great time with the toon. o7

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