WTS 39M SP pvp Char (SOLD)

Seblo McTars Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Positive ISK

No Kill rights

No Jump Clone

Located Jita

i’ll start you off with 18 B, isk ready

Thanks for the offer :+1:

If by tomorrow night no other offers hes yours

19 Evemail me

New bid

Highest bid at

9pm GMT tuesday 8th march

Will receive

Thank you

19.5 B

20.0 b

20.5 B

New Bid

45 mins deadline

ok its that time. segar222 he is yours

will need isk and account to transfer char to and ill do it now

ok in 2 min i will send isk and account

isk and account info sent

char sent

no receipt yet though?

how do i private message u on here? i have the receipt

i received the email thank you

Thank you

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