WTS 4.6M Focused Trader

I hereby sell myself

0.0 sec status
4625280 SP
250k unallocated
2 bonus remaps available - Mapped charisma/memory
Positive wallet

Skills of note:
[Trade Skills 3.3M]
Accounting 5
Broker Relations 5
Contracting 4
Daytrading 5
Margin Trading 5
Marketing 4
Procurement 3
Retail 5
Trade 5

2008 char

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yoichiro_Nambu

Starting bid: 2 bil.
Buyout: I am open for offers

2 bil

2 bil noted Dragon, however looking for a bit more.


2.10 Billion

What are you wanting for buyout?

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2.2 bil
Any buyout price suggestions please?

I´d accept an buyout at 4 bil. Over 3 bil at least.

how about 3.5 bil?

We’re getting closer now. How about 4 bil and he’s yours?

aye sir, 4 billion ISK

It’s a deal

okay. will send ISK and account information after you confirmed my answer


ISK and acc information sent.

Received and transfer process initiated. Thank you.