WTS 40M NYX/HEL supercap & T2 mod CFAX character

CAN USE T2 Heavy Fighters
Gallente Carrier 4
T2 mod CFAX
implant all +5
in null sec NPC station

I will check every day after DT, or you can send mail in game to ‘african mars’

Starting Bid 42b

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in game? right now?

you can speak here

40B Buyout is ok?

41B Buyout

up this

how is 41 B?



if you want it , place a price


44B if you want

boom upupup


mail me,your information and send ISK, I will transfer once I get ISK

send you a mail,

I can use ple to redeem ISK.。。。。

still on sale?

stiil selling?

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