Wts 42m sp marauder 5 vargur pilot with good science skills for invention

Selling me SkillQ.net - PieceOfMind
Has 3 jc, crystal and angel sets with omega, +5 set, 5 and 6% implants for other slots.
is in high sec
all jumpclones are in high sec except for one blank in 00

character is in high sec, has no kill rights, and has a positive wallet

starting bid 30b
buyout 40b


30 B buyout

32bil Bid

33bil Bid


34bil Bid


35bil Bid

2 more days on auction

looks like 35b is the winner, nyx ii wins!
mail me the account name you would like the character to be transferred to, and send isk to pieceofmind, and we’ll get this going!
lets go!!

ok I’m going to register an account

isk has been transferred to PieceOfMind account. Please transfer the role. Thank you.

isk received

ok character sent to requested account

thanks !

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: