WTS 43m SP Carrier/Super Pilot Sold Pending Transfers



Buyout 40b

30.69 b/o :grinning:

33 bil

Character is currently in Alpha state but will be brought to Omega for the sale. Located in Perimeter no JC’s or implants, Positive Sec Status, 1 remap available and no kill rights.

top bid currently 33b

I would like to offfer 34B

35b b/o


35.5 current best offer

Auction is closing at 0300 27 Dec EVE time

2 hours until action is up, you still hold the highest bid

Time’s,up. I won this auction. Please confirm my offer. Thank you~

Conirmed, awaiting isk and account info

Thank you~ Which character would you want me to transfer isk to?

With all due respect, I am in a middle of a class right now and need you to wait for me about no more than an hour. My apologies for the delay. My isk is ready. It’s just I am not with my computer.
Question: which of your character should I send a mail to?

No worries, Please send it to Will Arji

I send a in-game mail to your character Will Arji, please confirm.
Sorry for the delay.

Mail confirmed

ISK sent to Will Arji.
Please confirm.

Isk received, confirm account I am transferring character too

Please transfer to ‘***’