[WTS] ~45.5 Mil Rorqual/JF Pilot

Hi all, I have a character for sale. Please buy him! My character is here: http://eveboard.com/pilot/t0xicAngel

–Please make me a decent offer that will make me transfer tonight. I’d love to have isk in hands and am willing to look at all offers.

Highlights include flying a Rorqual and using Excavator mining drones. 5 days away from using the PANIC module.

Can also fly Jump Freighters at Mastery Level 4, trained for the Rhea at the moment.

He is quite good at shields and missiles, making him a very nice potential dreadnought pilot.

Has a couple hundred million in assets scattered to the winds.

  1. Wallet balance.
    Positive balance (seen on eve board)

  2. Kill rights

  3. Jump clones
    None (current clone has set of +5 implants)

  4. Character location
    Jita 4-4

I am for sale. Sniff.

38 billion

Thank you so much for the offer. 38 is a good starting point. Let’s see if we can do better. :slight_smile:


39 bil

43.5b B/O

Buyout from Absolution accepted. Please send ISK to the character along with an evemail determining which account to send to, I will send immediately.

isk and account info sent

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