WTS 45M T2 FAX/Logistic/T2 Hacker/Scanner/PI Pilot

I’ve got a nice little support toon/main up for sale!


Just some highlights:

439k SP Unallocated

Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration 5 (T2 FAX)
Amarr Carrier 5
Anchoring 5
Propulsion Jamming 5 (T2 Large Bubbles)
Tactical Shield Manipulation 5
Archaeology 5
Hacking 5
Command Center Upgrades 5
Interplanetary Consolidation 5

Amarr FAX competent
Caldari Transport Ships capable
Interceptors capable

To the right person he could be a main. His PVP ability is not the greatest as he was designed to be a support pilot for 0.0 life, but with a little bit of tinkering he can make a decent PVP pilot to the right person, but he can be used anywhere within New Eden. He has capability to be an excellent pilot with the scanning ability and you can make lots of juicy ISK right off the bat with the two clones he has ready to go!

Clones of note:

4C-B7X V - Moon 7 - Chemal Tech Factory - Standard Slots 1-4, ‘Blackglass’ 920-40 Slot 9, ‘Prospector’ EY-1005 Slot 10

Hophib III - Civic Court Law School - Mid-Grade Amulet’s Slots 1-6, ‘Gnome’ SE-805 Slot 8, 'Noble’ HG-1003 Slot 10

Hophib VI - Moon 2 - Civic Court Law School - Mid-Grade Amulet’s Slots 1-6, ‘Noble’ RA-703 Slot 7, ‘Squire’ EM-803 Slot 8

Zinkon VII – Moon 1 – Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting - Genolution Slot’s 1-4, ’Gypsy’ EE-603 Slot 6, ‘Rogue’ EM-703 Slot 7, ‘Squire’ EM-805 Slot 8, ’Blackglass’ 920-40 Slot 9, ‘Prospector’ EY-1005 Slot 10

These are approximately over 4 billion on their own!

To assist with moving these clones, there is a travel Ares ready for your disposal in Hophib (of course, this falls under the assets rule from CCP and I simply highlight it for your knowledge) and in Zinkon.

SKINS of note:

Spectral Shift for Astero/Nestor/Stratios
Singularity Storm for Damavik
Nocx Rush for Rorqual
Ghostbird for Crane

Bidding Details

Starting: 40b
Buyout: Relevant offers

I am not in a rush to sell him, so please offer accordingly

CCP Disclaimer blahblah

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones

4. Character location.
Zinkon VII - Moon 1 - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting

30 Bill

Noted, but looking for a bit more, thank you.

31 bil

Noted, thank you. Still looking for more though.

Still for sale

Still for sale.


Noted but looking for a little bit more.

36B i really want to this pilot

Accepted, please send isk and acc name when ready. I am out currently so will aim to start transfer within the next hour or two.

ISK has already hit this account( Du’arn Brinalle]). The account that needs to be transferred is also sent to you in the game.

Transfer begun. Thank you!

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