WTS 46.1mil PVP/PVE char

low security,
positive wallet,
2 remap available
good spaceship command skill(many subcap skills)
good weapon skills(you can go TVP incursion if you restore security)
good drone skill(but didn’t train mining drones and fighter skills, sry)

this char has good standing at Nurtura , you can accept 2 4lv mission at isseras

good at ratting, good at missioning, good at incursion
good at frigate, dd soloing

this post will be end nov 30th.

Make an offer
start bid 37bil
b/o 40bil

37b isk ready



Whats going on with this sell? Times, or just waiting for a chance B/O?

oh sorry. i didn’t notice that. i want to have 1week, at least. You know, all sellers want to sell more expensivly, and i’m too.
can you waiting for me ? this topic will end nove 30, 3days later. sorry about that :slight_smile: really sorry.


you mean 37.5bil isk?

yep. now just 1 day remain.

hi, good evening
this trade is end. if you still want to buy this char, send isk to Vrzua, and send your id to this char.

i’ll send this char after check isk and your ID. thank you :smiley:

if you no reply due tomorrow, i’ll sell this char again. :smiley: have a good day

Sorry declining. This took too long and found another

ok, sry about late notice. good bye

PM me please

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