WTS 47.5m SP focused PvP pilot

-1 remap
-positive wallet and sec status
-no killrights
-good probing skills
-max speed and agility
-all those annoying support skills that make all the difference maxed out
-HAC 5
-cool name and looks
-short but sweet history of solo pvp
-no corp history weirdness
-set of +4’s. all jumpclones in highsec
-currently at Jita 4-4

Gerbod von Greif’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Gerbod von Greif | Character | zKillboard

starting bid is 30b

26 billions final offer, valid for 24 hours only

accepted. Character transfer will start when isk are reveived.

isk and account info sent. please start the transfer process.

check you pm’s please.

Character sent. Have fun o7

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