WTS 47.8M Nyx-Rorqual-Elite pilot!

English is not good, see for yourself

Full set of +4’s for training plugged in
Jita 4-4 (docked)
Positive security status (5.0)
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights


If you don’t pay a return visit for a long time, you can email me.

Starting bid with 20bil

23b offer isk raeady

25b offer

Thank you for your bid。But there is still a gap with my ideal price.

28b,老哥 出给我吧



30.5, not sure what the chinese letters mean, but it’s English forum :wink:

I judged that the host was Chinese, so I used each other’s mother tongue to communicate
The game company doesn’t seem to stipulate that English must be used for communication

Yeah it isn’t for you to care about dirtay, go translate if you really wanna know

30.6b isk ready, from CSQY


31b, let’s stop the 0.01 bidding non-sense :slight_smile:

31.5b isk ready

32b, I hate that minimal post size :slight_smile:


33b ready

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