wts my self here is skills pass 12345 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hillary_clinton_Junior

decent killboard 96% Dangerous https://zkillboard.com/character/96642498/

all ccp rules
positive wallet security status no kill rights
located in Jita

Clone Mid-grade Ascenadncy set

can fly Nyx and Aeon, Rorqual, and Rhea.
Can build supers and Process minerals

price: make me an offer that I cant resist
u can contact with me via mail and here, this char is ready to print isk.

shalom :slight_smile: , 40b offer

41 billion

thanks for bids. need litle bit more.

43 billion

thanks for bid but im looking for litle bit more.

You give me a quote, and I’ll accept it if it suits

@qingchun_leiwei make me better offer and i think.

As long as it is less than 100m / B, I think I will accept it

@qingchun_leiwei offer me 48B and its urs

I’m sorry I canceled the deal

44b offer

45B offer accepted

Send me isk and accaunt name i will start transfer.

45B has been transferred, the account will be provided by mail later, I am creating

Incoming mail sent by username

isk recivied, support ticked created transfer via plex for character transfer.

How about 20 $?

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