WTS 49.6M SP PvP Pilot


(saber-w-fly) #1

Has a full set of +5 implants.
Currently at GOONS.
There are currently 4 to 5 months of monthly card time.
Skill points are bought by PLEX.
The price is 35B starting.

(Kotomotto) #2

Missing the PW for your skillboard bud

(saber-w-fly) #3

Can’t open this website?

(saber-w-fly) #4

Can’t open this website?

(Kotomotto) #5

Yes I can but it requires a password

(saber-w-fly) #6

Please wait, I am solving

(saber-w-fly) #7

Try it now…

(IChooseYou) #8

Private sale agreed in game. Please confirm.

(saber-w-fly) #9


(IChooseYou) #10

isk and account info sent.

(saber-w-fly) #11

Confirm your money.
Transfer account now.
Please wait.

(IChooseYou) #12

Account info sent.

(saber-w-fly) #13

Because I didn’t notice I’m still in the company before I sold the account and the account has a position, I’ll leave the company after 24 hours and transfer the role.

(saber-w-fly) #14

The inconvenience caused to you please forgive me, I will transfer the role as soon as possible, now the character is already in the jita…

(saber-w-fly) #15

Has been transferred, please note that check.

(IChooseYou) #16

Confirmation mail received with thanks.

(system) #17

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