Wts 49 m sp combat+indy alt

Pilot in NPC corp
no kill rights
wallet is positive
3 jump clones
2,4 security status
5,4 mil unallocated sp
pilot located in highsec
start 40 billion
b.o. 45 billion

40 Billions ready


42 Billions

Something is puzzling me, with the the eveskillboard :slight_smile:
The total amount SP = Skill Points = 44,100M SP or
The total amount SP = Skill Points + Unallocated SP = 49.59M SP


44 Billions


I accept 45 billion, wait for info and ISK

Please forward isk to my alt. Character name is Steelbuns

Ok i am on the way home.will post here after isk and account info sent

ISK and account info sent to Steelbuns.plz check
hi Ix,why you closed this post,any way i have sent the isk but still not received the character.how can i get the character or get the isk back.i have submitted a ticket #899222 yesterday and got no reply yet,please do me a favour to end this mess,thx a lot.
any one can give me a hand plz,help