Sabine DeCadanet

A ready to go focused Nyx & Aeon pilot, with no wasted SP.



  • 49M SP
  • 250,000 unallocated SP
  • Heavy Fighters 5 and FHM 5
  • Perfect passive armor tanking skills
  • JDC 5
  • Gallente Interceptor trained for easy travel
  • High Grade Slave Clone

Positive Sec status, no Kill Rights and a positive wallet.

Seller pays transfer fee as per CCP rules.

This is the ideal toon if you want to build the perfect Nyx or Aeon pilot!

Buyout lowered: 58 B isk

Bids in this thread only please as I’m not actively monitoring this character in game.

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ill offer 50b to start

Thanks for the opening offer, I’m looking for a good bit more before I would consider selling.

55 billions




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Thanks for the bids guys, almost at the level where I will sell but still some way to go before I hit a buyout number.

I will sell if I see bids over 60b.

Would love to sell today to a bidder offering 60b.

Still available for a 60b+ offer.

any skins?

I will confirm when I get back to my home PC this evening but I don’t believe there are any notable skins on this character.

I can confirm that the character has NO skins

Still available.

I would like to sell today so if there are no further bids I will accept 59b from Replicon, if he is still interested of course.

Pilot must go so I’ve lowered the buyout to 58b ISK

@Replicon @Begpo_Bogku I’m still for sale with a reduced buyout in range of your previous bids. Let me know if you would like to deal!

55.6 b/o?