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Thanks for the bids guys, almost at the level where I will sell but still some way to go before I hit a buyout number.

I will sell if I see bids over 60b.

Would love to sell today to a bidder offering 60b.

Still available for a 60b+ offer.

any skins?

I will confirm when I get back to my home PC this evening but I don’t believe there are any notable skins on this character.

I can confirm that the character has NO skins

Still available.

I would like to sell today so if there are no further bids I will accept 59b from Replicon, if he is still interested of course.

Pilot must go so I’ve lowered the buyout to 58b ISK

@Replicon @Begpo_Bogku I’m still for sale with a reduced buyout in range of your previous bids. Let me know if you would like to deal!

55.6 b/o?

I would accept 57b, somewhat between your offer and my reduced buyout.

I accept 57B isk,Wait for me to send the account number and ISK

ISK and email have been sent. Let me know when the transfer is complete

Character transfer has been started to the account specified.

I have received it. Thank you

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