WTS-49MSuper flagship driver for sale

What can my account do
I am in an player Corporation.
I have a Positive Wallet.
I have no assets.
I have no kill rights.
I have 49M Skill Points (and counting)Can be verified by pictures
I am able to do many things, such as:
I can drive the Big whale
Can build three-tier flagship ships
Can drive all flagships of the four races (Titan can drive a race and has injected skill books)
I do n’t know a lot because of the first trading role.
I do n’t pay for the transfer and my bid is 48b
Transaction method is payment by transfer

first off you have said alot of incorrect things there.

Firstly https://eveskillboard.com/ put your character in there so we can see skills.

Secondly YOU have to pay for the transfer it is a CCP rule, so if u dont want to pay for it you cant transfer, better sort that out before anything.

naming the ship types properly also might give an idea of what your meaning, flagships has a different meaning to the people who use the correct names (miner whale (means nothing to me, except maybe either orca or rorqual)

have a look at other sale threads and update yours to match

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