WTS 4x starter miners

WTS 4x starter miners … all from Candieland :rofl:

/ 1 / Stephen Candieland (myself)
3,310,980 SP
starting from 3.8 Bil ISK

/ 2 / Bob Candieland
3,310,730 SP
starting from 3.8 Bil ISK

/ 3 / Young Candieland
4,153,710 SP
starting from 4 Bil ISK

/ 4 / D’Artagnan Candieland
4,153,710 SP
starting from 4 Bil ISK

We would love to go and continue mining together!

confirming I am for sale

Confirming I am for sale

And me too! … I am for sale :slight_smile:

Bump me up!

Young Candieland il bid 3.5b, ready right now

Bump to the top!

Bump. Still for Sale? I could buy all

4b for d’artagnan
Isk ready

Still for sale - all of us :slight_smile:

if u accept, i can transfer isk and account info in 4/5 hours when im back home from work…
Im interested in D’artagnan…

Hey Suk,
that’s OK for me - just poke me here when you have transferred the 4bil to D’Artagnan and I will start the transfer.

[EDIT] no isk-acc. info has been shared … so D’Artagnan is still on the market

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4b for young candie

Hi - this is OK to me.
Please share the isk/acc info and I will start the transfer asap.

do you have any left?

Hey - All the miners are still on sale :slight_smile:

Bump to the top

4B FOR Young Candieland

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