WTS 5,000,000 SP 2014 Char (SOLD)

Hi there,

i wanne sell this toon —> https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Antnio_en_Thielles

+ postiv wallet
+ Yearly Remap in3 months from now
+ can fly Logistic Frigate
+ Covert Ops IV
+ Torpedos IV
+ located in Jita 4-4 + 1 Jumpclone in Jita
+ no Kill-Rights
- Security Status -2.53

starting bid is 1b
BO : the first one that offers me 4b gets him!

4b, transfer now thank you

offer accepted.

pls send Accountname and isk.

i didn´t received the isk and account info, so he is still available.

This character Is still for sale!

3.5B offer

offer noticed, some other offers?

  • i have send you a mail

I accept your bid.

please send isk and account info to Antnio en Thielles and post it in this topic when done

best regards Antnio en Thielles

ISK and accountname send!

ISK and accountinfo received, starting transfer as fast as I can!

ty Cap Alberto Bertorelli !

seller reported a paymentissue and a small delay, at this moment still no transfermail from ccp

please start transfer

The transfer is started in 10:36 evetime

Again apologies for the late transfer

Thank you again !!!

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