[WTS] 5.110m SP Premium Optimized Skill Point Farming Toon

Good evening everyone!


The highlights:

  • 5,110,524 SP
  • SP farming optimized: Cybernetics V and ACCOUNTING IV. I consider accounting to be a necessary skill for SP farming. Margins are razor thin and lower tax is essential.
  • Base clone has +5 Per/Will implants. One JC in continuous Min HS with +5P/+5W implants.
  • Docked in JIta. No kill rights, combat history, no security status (0.0). A small amount of standings (nothing serious). Positive wallet and a Velator.
  • Skins: VENTURE (Caldari Indy, Gall Indy, Sansha Indy, Glacial)
  • Datacore farming: Toon has ONE Level 2 data core agent running in Itamo. This provides a small additional passive income. You can add RPM and get more agents running. 13,650 RP on the toon will not be cashed in. You can literally double this income running the daily mission.
  • 3 remaps (one now, two bonus) Mapped P32/W26/M17/I17/C17


  • SHIPS: Mining Frigate V, Gall Frigate IV, SSC IV
    • Expedition Frigates 1, Covert Ops 1, Gal Indy 1
  • FITTING: Mechanics V, Electronic Upgrades V, CPU V, various supports Level 1-3
  • GUNNERY: Gunnery V, SHT IV+ (190/256), RF IV, SS IV, various others at 3-4. (this is where I farmed SPs)
  • MLO V, Industry V, Drones V, Lt Drone Op V, Cybernetics V, Biology III (essential for cerebral acceleration boosters), Cloaking III, Trade IV.
  • Can fly Prospect, Endurance with Omega
  • Gun and Drone skills are there, could get into Alpha PvP pretty easily (don’t recommend with +5s).

Legal: All CCP rules apply. I pay the transfer fee (with credit card, no waiting for GMs). This toon receives the ISK. Scams strictly disallowed.

Contact: Send mails to this toon. I’ll check the forums hourly for updates. Can login as needed.

Opening bid: 3.5b
Buy-It-Now: 5.0b
Duration: Open-ended

Thank you!

3.5b Bid

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3.5b noted. Daily bumpage.

Could you post your character on here please http://eveskillboard.com

4billion bid

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Added per your request.

ALSO A NOTICE: I posted the toon had Gallente Frigate V. It actually has IV. This was not intentional, doesn’t change anything, and was the result of mis-interpreting my character sheet. My apologies.

This also counts as todays bump.


To the top… anyone got 5.5b ISK for this toon? I’m available to transfer tonight if anyone can meet the updated buyout…


Still available. Looking for some bidders!

EDIT: added Eveboard

Bump! Eveboard link added yesterday, as well as updated buyout.

Bump! 4.5b anyone? Would like to move this toon.

would you take 4bil?


Yes I will. Ready to transfer when you are.


Can it fly VNI, also are Sisters of Eve missions started/completed???

This is a SP farmer. No missions touched. Can fly a VNI in 20 hours or less. Just needs cruiser/destroyer skills.


The offer still on? I can offer 4.3bil

I’ll do 4.6B

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