WTS 5.3M SP Pilot, Exhumers V, Mining Barge V

i can offer 4.5b


4.7 b, i can send immediately

If you can do 5bil, I can transfer him pretty quick.

accepted, ill set it up now.

sent and sent, acct name is in the transfer details

Got it. Starting transfer now.

I have another, similar character coming up for sale soon. Do you want me to contact you about them as well?

doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:


I’d be willing to do 4bil since you bought the other one. Check it out. Let me know.

hey, sorry i a stopped checking the board for a minute. Yeah I’ll take it.

ill send isk and account info in the morning.

shoot, i 100% forgot that i said i would do this. will do it within the next two hours. will you please post a thread and message me?

if retract interested on the Hulk pilot, message me

Just saw your reply. I’ll check my character for isk/account details.

i didn’t send, can you please post a separate “i am for sale” thread with that toon then i can send tonight when i get home

there is the post.

is this still available?

no, its gone.

I want one