Wts 5.3m sp

ISK: 1000
Bonus remaps: 2
Location: Jita
Corporation: NPC
Jump Clones: None
Security Status: 0.0
No kill rights

Previously used as a short term skill farmer/ Neutral hauler
No record of kills/deaths


B/O: 3.5B

Sale still open, accepting offers.

Still accepting offers. B/O lowered to 3B!

Sale still open, accepting offers.

Still open accepting bids in the 2 bill range.

I can offer 2.2 bill

I will take your offer. If you send the isk and account information to the character ingame I can start the transfer process.

Sure im online, im sending isk now. I will confirm shortly. Sending you a evemail with details

ISK sent.

account name sent too via eve mail.

Please confirm when you completed the procedure.


confirm transfer paid for

Please notice that in the eve mail you sent me you spelled the user name wrongly…

I received the email few minutes ago. confirming the transfer (so you probably made a typo in the eve mail you sent to me, but you used the right one for the transfer)