WTS 5.3mSP Vni/Starter character

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yul_Balright Password 1234
Located in Jita
No killrights
Remap - 1
Security Status - Positive
Wallet - Positive
All CCP Rules Apply
Lots of drones skills, makes a capable VNI pilot

With this character on your account, you’re sure to be alright :smiley:

3B bid 5.5b B/O

Bidding will end in 2 days 14/6/19

3 Bil bid

Bid accepted, thank you

Bumping - not dumping

3 bil sent by my toon Bianca Walker to your toon with account details as per acceptance of the bid. Sorry for the delay.


3b sent back by my toon to your toon Bianca Walker - Buyout not met

Hi there, my bad though you accepted the bid, no worries, will wait end of auction then. i stand at 3 Bil still.

No worries, glad you understand :slight_smile:


Hi mate, so I reckon I did win the auction in the end, as per the thread bidding has stopped on the 14/06 and I was the highest bidder. Should I send the isk again and account details?

nah, its just not high enough tbh mate, bidding has ended but nobody hit the B/O or anywhere close. It’s gonna cost me over 4b to transfer so i’m just gonna let the character rot instead. Cheers though

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