WTS 5.3mSP Vni/Starter character

(Yul Balright) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yul_Balright Password 1234
Located in Jita
No killrights
Remap - 1
Security Status - Positive
Wallet - Positive
All CCP Rules Apply
Lots of drones skills, makes a capable VNI pilot

With this character on your account, you’re sure to be alright :smiley:

3B bid 5.5b B/O

Bidding will end in 2 days 14/6/19

(Giulica Mandr) #2

3 Bil bid

(Yul Balright) #3

Bid accepted, thank you

(Yul Balright) #4

Bumping - not dumping

(Giulica Mandr) #5

3 bil sent by my toon Bianca Walker to your toon with account details as per acceptance of the bid. Sorry for the delay.

(Fabiusbile jimbob) #6


(Yul Balright) #7

3b sent back by my toon to your toon Bianca Walker - Buyout not met

(Giulica Mandr) #8

Hi there, my bad though you accepted the bid, no worries, will wait end of auction then. i stand at 3 Bil still.

(Yul Balright) #9

No worries, glad you understand :slight_smile:

(Yul Balright) #10


(Giulica Mandr) #11

Hi mate, so I reckon I did win the auction in the end, as per the thread bidding has stopped on the 14/06 and I was the highest bidder. Should I send the isk again and account details?

(Yul Balright) #12

nah, its just not high enough tbh mate, bidding has ended but nobody hit the B/O or anywhere close. It’s gonna cost me over 4b to transfer so i’m just gonna let the character rot instead. Cheers though