WTS 5.4m SP 10 year old character

Positive wallet
No Kill rights
Located in high sec station
452k unallocated SP
36 ship skins

Make me an offer and lets see where we go with this.

The Char you want to sell here, has to login with his own Forumaccount and has to confirm in this Thread that he is for sale.

2.5 BO

Logging her in and confirming she is for sale for the right price.

Thank you for your opening bid, it is noted, I would like to try for a little higher though.

5.0 bn ISK

5.0bn isk bid is accepted, please transfer funds to this character and I shall initiate transfer upon receipt.
Please confirm in this thread when funds are sent and send ingame note of account to be transferred to.

Looks like the top bidder has gone silent, I will leave her up 24 more hours then keep her if no serious interest.

please would you close this, I am withdrawing from sale, many thx

Closed due request of Op.