WTS 5.4m starter/Titan/rorqual Injected

stripped Char. Has Amarr titan and all the support skills for it injected, Has Rorqual and all the support skills injected as well as most supcap/capital skills there as well, Positive wallet, No killrights.

asking 10b but open to offers as well.


No password.

-withdrawing my offer-

Bump, any offers?

5b lol :smiley:

Thanks, anyone else? If no one rasies I’ll transfer tonight

6 bil?

I see your 6b I’ll say 10pm est highest gets it,

6,2b i buy it

2 hours left.


ill do 6.3

Perfect. Will send isk and account info shortly.

7 bil?

transfered to MetaTrader, Isk and account details recived.

Transfer notification received. Cheers.

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