WTS 5.58 M SP Amarr Female Toon

Holly Toasis

Will deliver to JITA
No Killrights
positive wallet
In NPC Corp

Focused on Magic 14

4.4B Starting thank you

Skill sheet ?


How much is B/O ?

Best Offer? Just posted a few minutes ago. Looking for 4.4B

4.5bil B/O

Yes that would be fine thank you. Where would you like it delivered? In hi-sec

Jita Tradind station

Ok it is in Amarr space now will move now. Transfer the funds and I will move it then transfer the character within the next 30 minutes

Funds received and character is now enroute to JITA 4-4 Trading Station

Thanks for trade

Character is now in JITA Trading station and the character transfer has been paid for.

Thanks Condotiero!

me too, Thanks a lot