[WTS] 5.5m sp Skillpuller (Gnosis/Gila)

Selling my skillpuller alt that also can fly gnosis and gila(with some more training if you want him to be better ofc.)


Comes with standard implants +4’s and a warp speed implant.
(No other clone)
Networth: 43.8mill

Located in lowsec(Frulegur), 1 jump from highsec.
Positive wallet: 11.000.000 isk
Negative sec status: -8.9 (Needs to work on that if you want him to be some empire hero)

Price: 4.5b or best offer

I pay for the transfer etc.


He is almost rdy to extract 500k.

Daily bump. Got 5.5m sp. Ready to extract.


Ok deal. Online ingame.
Transfer isk and give details and I make transfer.

coming shortly

isk sent
account details sent

Transfered. Check mail!

tyvm sir

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