WTS 5.5M SP Starter Toon - Jackdaw?

She was part of a mass extraction event but still has a good start of skills to get a jump on game play. She can pull Level 3 from Thukker Mix, which pay well.

In High Sec, No Kill Rights, Positive Wallet, NPC Corp

Notable skills to V
Power Grid
Shield Operation
Space Ship Command
Caldari Destroyer V with Tactical to IV (Jackdaw)

Skills at IV
Many other skills to IV

Here’s the skill link

Make a decent offer and she’s yours.


3B offer

If you’re willing to go 3.5B, I’ll do it, otherwise it’s not worth me paying the transfer fee over just buying one of the many deals in the new eden store…


4b b/o if 1 remap ready
isk ready / online for some time

This character has 3 remaps available, based on one being NOW and 2 Bonus Remaps available.

4B Offer Accepted, and I can transfer her this morning… EST.

isk and account info sent

Character transferred.


no indication that the char is on its way yet

will report again tomorrow

char received
all goodi


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