WTS 5.7m gunnery/missile

mr boston skills

WTS this 5.7 m sp (missiles and gunnery) sp pilot. Lots of injected books.
Located in high sec , positive wallet, positive sec status.

Buyout 4b

Still for sale, will consider other offers

Can he fly Megathron?

no, he is leftover from extractor (still got 1 more extract left)

buyout lower to 4.5b

1.75 bil

still for sale, online now

2.5b, you pay transfer fees.

No. This char is for sale 4.5b… Not for auction. And I’m well aware of transfer rules. Tganks for bump though

buyout lowered to 4b

Alright well, if you don’t get any other offers, I’ll do 3.25b.

ah ill give it 1 more day

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I’ll offer 3.5b

If n o other offers by the time I get home from work in 10 hours ill accept

send account info and isk and ill start xfer

info sent

Will transfer after work. Ty

I received isk but not the account info, please send

hover over the payment its in the note