WTS 5.7m gunnery/missile

(Mr BOSTON) #1

mr boston skills

WTS this 5.7 m sp (missiles and gunnery) sp pilot. Lots of injected books.
Located in high sec , positive wallet, positive sec status.

Buyout 4b

(Mr BOSTON) #2

Still for sale, will consider other offers

(TypingTot) #3

Can he fly Megathron?

(Mr BOSTON) #4

no, he is leftover from extractor (still got 1 more extract left)

(Mr BOSTON) #5

buyout lower to 4.5b

(tradertrader1) #6

1.75 bil

(Mr BOSTON) #7

still for sale, online now

(Gozinya) #8

2.5b, you pay transfer fees.

(Mr BOSTON) #9

No. This char is for sale 4.5b… Not for auction. And I’m well aware of transfer rules. Tganks for bump though

(Mr BOSTON) #10

buyout lowered to 4b

(Gozinya) #11

Alright well, if you don’t get any other offers, I’ll do 3.25b.

(Mr BOSTON) #12

ah ill give it 1 more day

(Gozinya) #13


(Skir Melkan) #14

I’ll offer 3.5b

(Mr BOSTON) #15

If n o other offers by the time I get home from work in 10 hours ill accept

(Mr BOSTON) #16

send account info and isk and ill start xfer

(Skir Melkan) #17

info sent

(Mr BOSTON) #18

Will transfer after work. Ty

(Mr BOSTON) #19

I received isk but not the account info, please send

(Skir Melkan) #20

hover over the payment its in the note