WTS 5.8m SP Focused Garmur Pilot w/Snake Implants

Former RP/PVP toon
Positive isk balance
1 yearly remap
2 bonus remaps
Full Mid-Grade Snake Set+3% Missile Projection and Rocket Damage Implants
Gallente and Caldari Frigates V
No Kill Rights
Clean Faction Standings
Slightly negative corp standings to Brutor Vanguard and State Protectorate
-.3 Security Status
No jump clones

Character is in Tanoo - Tebu Amkhiman freeport


Base bid price 6b

Serious offers only.

3 billion

Back toward the top


6b, seriously mate? One can inject himself such toon for 5.3b with name, race and sex of his choice

Also has a full mid-grade set+hardwires you might notice.

Plus, certain amount of sentimental value. Make a reasonable offer, I might go lower.

Which is 200m worth?

You already have one from @Enoch_Zamayid

i buy and use a fair amount of toons. i think my offer is pretty fair. i might be convinced to go as high as 3.5 but thats really my best offer. and its only because i am literally looking for a caldari missile frig pilot.

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Current market value for a full mid-grade snake set is, as of right now, 819m in jita. Slightly less in perimeter because of an outlier low sell order. Either way it os lower than at the time Iā€™d purchased the set, so will agree that now, in the current market 6b is, likely, even accounting for sentimental value, too high.

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