WTS 5.9m PVP Angel Cartel Pilot

I made this pilot specifically for roleplaying as Angel Cartel. Has clone in Utopia at Domination Plant. Clean slate and ready to play. I am selling myself. : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Giselle_de_Pompadour

  • Positive Balance.
  • No Kill Rights.
  • Jumpclone at Utopia Freeport in Domination/Angel Cartel Space.
  • Great Ishtar Pilot in training
  • Heavy Drones V
  • Super Cool looking and already has a bounty.

Bidding starts @ 3B

Open to offers of instant purchase rather than a bidding war, feel free to contact me in-game mail or on Cleaning Lady.

daily bump! Great, fun character ready for you! Money goes towards a really cool roleplaying role I am fleshing out. But it’s a secret. But a good one. : ) If you win bid I will tell you what it is


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Daily bump! Going to go another day and some change or maybe a buyout??? Who going to buy out??

Last day for bids! Highest bid is 3 billion! A great roleplaying and MEAN pilot!

Please Contact via mail in game for finalization of bid and CC Cleaning Lady

Sold, in game money received, transfer in progress.

char received thread to be closed

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