WTS Toon 8.5 M pilot for Pvp, Pve. Max drone Vexor (AFK farming)

Hello Everyone, I’m on sell, I’m perfect for Rattling, FW, little bit explore

8.5m SP


Full Set Implant +4 Standard

  • Squire PowerGrid’ EG-602
  • Squire capacitor’ EM-803
  • Noble repair Proficiency’ RP-903

3 remap available

  • Expert boost cerebral for 216H

  • 2x Standard Expert boost

  • 1x basic Expert boost

  • 2x Halycon R4

  • 1x Halycon R3

  • Another Jump Clones with Full Set Implant +4 Standard at Jita


  • 89 Ship Skins include few very rare 7.1b sell estimate for 3 on market, 82 aren’t on market) AND FOR THE MOST USED SHIPS



  • Positive wallet
  • Positive security status
  • In NPC corpo
  • Located in Jita
  • No killrights

All rules apply. I will pay transfer fee.

Starting bid - 3
BO - 6b

21b offer


Sorry rookie mistake. it works in the description now !

i close the post in few hours. thx to be patient :slight_smile:

22.5 bil


21 bil as other offer was retracted


Well played sir ! You can mail me your information and money On ‘Liiria Maerlin’ and i launch the transfer directly !

Hi sir, still on the market ?

22B for me, , I sent you a mail ingame too. (can you show me the ship for skin Justice & Throne of purity ?)

noticed, if tomorrow evening no more bid, you will win.

For Justice ( TRASHER navy issue).
For Purity (Prophecy Navy issue).

Little BUMP


6b b/o

Congrats! You can send isk and info to Annah von castel in game and I start the transfer!

Hello Umenod, if no news in 4H (i let you 24H). i have to open it again sorry

5b offer

still on the market ? 5.5b (did Umenod replied ?)

Title is a bit misleading. Doesn’t look like this char can actually fly the ishtar