WTS `5 M SP Extracted Toon


No password

Left most of his minmatar frig stuff alone so he can start to pvp day 1. Left most of the fitting skills alone.
SPT V, CPU Man V, Gunnery V, Spaceship Command V,

Lets start the bidding at 4b OBO.

3.5b isk ready

thank you for the opening bid.

Tomorrow at noon, US eastern time, bidding will be closed. heckutoru is highest bidder.

3.6 Bil.

3.7b isk ready

3.8 bil

Apologies, Sabastyian it is here if you still want him.

I have accepted an offer in game from Tavi.

Sending isk to stated character along with account name to transfer it to

Isk received from Tavi, character transfer initiated to Tavi.

Transfer Character
We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: Gerrin Stormgrim
Will be completed after: 4/24/2018 12:06:26 PM
If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

Thank you :grin:

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