WTS 5 million skill point with skins

Ex Main character Rhonan Irwin former main character.
SKINS included: Abyssal afterglow Gila, Abyssal Firestorm Gila, Abyssal Thunderstorm Gila, Ace of podhunters Gila, EoM Impel, Firewall Breach Hel, Forgemaster Rorqual, Hazard control Nidhoggur, Hostile takeover Gila, Nocx rush Orca Rorqual Purity of the throne collection excluding Avatar Ark and Confessor only These are the main SKINS this character has.

Located in Jita 4-4
1 jump clone located in Hodrold has implants
No kill rights
Wallet is ISK positive

Name your price.
Untitled|376x500 ]

3bil offer

bumpety one of those skins alone is worth more than that offer. not to mention the skill books injected


Skin and books are not that valuable, 3bil offer is still valid

No like I said one of the skins on market is worth over 3 billion on eve market. I’m not going to hand over this pilot for 3 bil

Bump still for sale

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