WTS 50.8 M SP Supercarrier pilot Nyx/Jackdaw/Orca/Freighter Bowhead

no kill rights
positive security status 3.54
postive wallet

remap available

Starting Bid: 38B

up up up

38b offer。

i accept your bet

isk and info sent

hey my isk and info sent

I see your message, I go to top up the card, I have run out of money

ok Please hurry

38bo now bid retractet all skillpoints away.

He’s made a deal with me

wtf?Did you hit the skill points?

Give me back the ISK, please, or I’ll go to GM

Submit a Support Ticket on this, don’t wait for him to respond. He’s obviously attempting to scam you.

@ISD_Fractal @GM_Arcade @ISD_Buldath @CCP_Lease @GM_Amaterasu @GM_Paragon @GM_Theodor @GM_Grizzled @GM_Wusten
i need help
My isk and info sent an sellers
He smoked out his character’s skill points
I didn’t get the role reversal
This guy @Kyle_Davron he’s out of his current company
He’s obviously attempting to scam me.

Good evening. This thread is now under review and will remain closed for the duration of said investigation. Thank you.