WTS: 50m SP Nyx/Triglavian Toon

Selling me


Was a perfect Nyx pilot until I got bored of it, worked into Triglavian ships (little bit more to go for battleships but t2 cruiser and BC do well.

Good drone skills, just finishing up some V’s that needed to be completed.

Good all round toon, more focused on Drones/Gallente Faction than other races.


Biosecurity Responders - Dominx/Ishtar
Glittering Dream - Nyx
Hunters Quiver - Thanatos
+4 Implants across the board

3 remaps available
Positive Sec Status
Good Killboard
Is in NPC corp
Positive Wallet
No kill rights

Start Bid: 40b
Buyout: 45b

I will pay the transfer fee

If your looking for a toon to strip out with extractors this aint the toon, I won’t take offers below start bid and consider them free bumps.

In no rush to sell but still available if anyone wants a semi decent drone toon…


ty Taiyang for the bid

Have sent you message in game and will accept your 40b offer.


mail and isk sent

isk recieved, character transfer completed.

thank you

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