WTS 51.6M SP Rorq, Drones V

(hojstejer Stareine) #1


Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Located In High Sec

43b B/O

(Sheldon d'Albion) #2

43B ready

(problem to see the faction standings)

(Sofra Gaterau) #3


(Sheldon d'Albion) #4

offer 45 B

(hojstejer Stareine) #5

I accept

(Sheldon d'Albion) #6

Alright isk and info sent.

(hojstejer Stareine) #7

thank you! character sent

(Sheldon d'Albion) #8

didn’t received yet the CCP e-mail for the character transfer.
Could you give me any update ?