WTS 51m/sp Combat Fleet Booster

Near Perfect Combat Command Ship Fleet Booster


Can Fly Any Race Battlecruiser/Command Ship (lvl 5)
Skills Injected For T3 Strategic Cruisers
+4 Implant Clone Set w/ EG-606 And Armor Mindlink
Clone w/ Shield Mindlink
Neural Remap Available
Yearly Remote Clone Jump Available
Located In Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, -1.4 Sec Status
NPC Corp

Opening Big: 41bil (Brock Khans)
Hidden Reserve In Place.
Buyout Offers Will Be Considered.
Auction Closes 5/22/18 @ 16:00 PST


43 bil

bump Auction closed. Evemail sent to Perpetualed. 24 hours to accept conditions of trade.

if no sale I’m happy to match offer

Apologies, had to be offline for a while…

I will send the ISK within the hour.

ISK and account name sent in game.

isk received. initiating character transfer.

Character Name: Ultimate Hadah

Will be completed after: 5/24/2018 6:03:06 AM

character successfully transferred. thank you for your purchase.

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