WTS 51m/sp Combat Fleet Booster

(Ultimate Hadah) #1

Near Perfect Combat Command Ship Fleet Booster


Can Fly Any Race Battlecruiser/Command Ship (lvl 5)
Skills Injected For T3 Strategic Cruisers
+4 Implant Clone Set w/ EG-606 And Armor Mindlink
Clone w/ Shield Mindlink
Neural Remap Available
Yearly Remote Clone Jump Available
Located In Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, -1.4 Sec Status
NPC Corp

Opening Big: 41bil (Brock Khans)
Hidden Reserve In Place.
Buyout Offers Will Be Considered.
Auction Closes 5/22/18 @ 16:00 PST

(Brock Khans) #2


(Perpetualed) #3

43 bil

(Ultimate Hadah) #4

bump Auction closed. Evemail sent to Perpetualed. 24 hours to accept conditions of trade.

(Ronni Ormand) #5

if no sale I’m happy to match offer

(Perpetualed) #6

Apologies, had to be offline for a while…

I will send the ISK within the hour.

(Perpetualed) #7

ISK and account name sent in game.

(Ultimate Hadah) #8

isk received. initiating character transfer.

Character Name: Ultimate Hadah

Will be completed after: 5/24/2018 6:03:06 AM

(Ultimate Hadah) #9

character successfully transferred. thank you for your purchase.

(system) #10

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