Wts 52m SP Ark, Rorqual, Mining Barge T2

Located in high sec, NPC corp
Isk positive

Start Bid : 35b
B/O: 45b

I’ll do 45bil b/o

Vivec Oksaras bid accepted. Send isk and info in mail.

Isk and info sent.

Transfere in progress. Thank you

Alright but is there a reason why you revoked access to the eveskillboard? It just seems a little fishy.

revoked access? I do not understand?

You revoked access to your pilot’s https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SolidusBK i was just wondering why.

I did not revoke access

Hmm idk it says “We failed to refresh the skills for SolidusBK. We received a 4xx error which usually means the access has been revoked by the owner. Please contact the owner to reauth.” Does that happen everytime you transfer a character?

I’m just being cautious its my first time buying a character here.

it’s okay. I don’t know why it writes. the character I sent you

Okay its fine then like i said I’m just being cautious.

It’s been 20hrs and still nothing. Can you confirm the character is still in the process of being transfered?

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