45M SP Rorqual/Fax/Logi/T3 Pilot

Well skilled and specialized

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Will be located in High Sec upon sale
NPC Corp

Will not accept offers below 40b (Extraction Value, edited from 35b)


36 bil

I have just realised the extraction value is 39/40b and have therefore edited the minimum offer to reflect this, apologies.

I’ll raise to 40 bil



delete just bought another

43b b/o accepted, transfer ISK to ArkonorWhore and I will begin the process of character transfer.

43b b/o offer withdrawn, still for sale! :slight_smile:

Want gone tonight, any offers over 40b will be accepted immediately.

40.5 bil, how about that? :slight_smile:

Great, Offer accepted, transfer the ISK to ArkonorWhore and your account name and I will begin transfer :slight_smile: @Intanki_Gibbon

Money and account details sent :slight_smile:

Payment recieved, petitioning GM now to have character transferred :slight_smile:

Any news? :slight_smile:

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