WTS 52mil SP Drone Specialist PVE-PVP [SOLD]

Hi Guys, try to sell again my char


+5 implants
Positive wallet
No jump clones
One kill right with my brother’s char expired in 26d (Cyber Lin Kuei)
Currently located in Jita 4-4 in highsec
Sec status -1.4 (easily recoverable since I have Fast Talk 5)
Currently in NPC corp

Starting bid 35bil
B/O 45bil

I’m in game now and i sell immediately you to the first who makes a good offer.

40B Isk on Hand, Can buy imediate

Accepted contact me in game

Hi. Sended you the account ingame and transfered you the isk.

Isk received and transfer just started.
Thank you.

Got the char. Thx

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