WTS 53,5m SP Sub cap pilot

Hello im selling my 53,5m SP char
He has good standings with some corps for missions and stuff, he can fly a ton of stuff
Wallet is possitive and no kill rights etc. Has JC in HS places
im looking for good offers

Arnold is his name

Char has left corp and is in npc corp at next api update

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35bil buy out. isk in hand.

38b offer

can we do 42b ?

I’ll do 42b. If accepted I’ll transfer funds and mail account name

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best offer so far, will accept if no higher within an hour from now

Offer accepted, im online now

Mybad, i got to retract my offer for now.

ok sorry to hear

i am still for sale then

i can do the 42B offer

offer accepted, i can go online now

Isk and info sent

transfer ongoing

Transfer complete , thread can be closed