WTS 53M SP Exhumer, Marauder pilot, PI

Kakan Tivianne Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

As advertised. Great isk making character.
Positive Wallet.
No kill rights.
NPC corp.
Sec status is -0.0
Docked in Jita.
No Clones. Can install.

+5 Attribute Implants
Research RR-605
Metallurgy MY-705
Science SC-803
Gunnery RF-903
Ice Harvesting IH-1005

No idea what Character is worth so will be sold to whoever pays the most.

39b isk offer


41B offer

43 billions

44 bil

45B offer

45 good enough for me unless someone wants to pay more. Guess Elsa you up first.

If you think the price of 45B is acceptable, I will sent the ISK now

Yea sounds good.

OK,isk sent

Isk received. Message me in game please.

Transfer should be pending. Cheers.

I bid twice, go to sleep, get barely outbid then it ends
kinda of ■■■■ thanks


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