WTS 54.1 Mill SP Char - Hel/NaglNid/JF/Exhumer/Rorq

hey i am for sale after a long time of not playing.

I fly Minmatar Supers / Carriers & Dread
I fly Jumpfreighters ( Caldari & Minmatar)
I am focused on Amar+Minmatar BS down the ladder
I fly Exhumers + Rorqual
I can do PI + Cap Ship Production + Reprocessing

Learn more:

I got 54.187.282 Skillpoints
I have a Positiv Sec Status + Wallets
I have 3 Jump Clones and in High Sec

I am in no rush so waiting for your offers

35b b/o ready

I bid 38B

39b offer

39.5 bill

40b offer

41b offer

Thanks for your biddings.

I will accept the last Offer by Iskio with 41 Bil ISK.

In Game mail goes out to you in a moment.
I initiated transfer once Payment has been received.

41.5 B offer. Can send ISK now if you’re acceptable to the offer.

lets do that easy - who comes first gets served first but reply here once you have send your Iskies i checking in here and my Toon all 10 - 15 mins

Alright, sending ISK and account name in few mins
Edit: Replied to your mail

Isk and account name sent

ISK has been recieved thank you . initiate transfer now. and with this this topic is considered as closed

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