WTS 55.5M Focused Paladin/Vargur/Naglfar SOLD

This is the ultimate krab character + dread alt, featuring:

  • Maxed Vargur
  • Maxed Paladin
  • Maxed Naglfar
  • Maxed Leshak (wormhole krabbing or grinding structures)
  • near max Ishtar (for when you just want to afk some isk)
  • High Grade Crystal with Omega (several B isk value)
  • 2.76M unallocated SPs to specialize however you want
  • ** Both Bonus remaps still available! **
  • Yearly remap available now

+5 Implant set as well (Perc/Willpower/Memory)

I made 500B krabbing with this character and a couple others like it in wormholes and no longer need isk. Amazing isk generator in all areas of space, and then can hop in a maxed Naglfar for capital action.

Friendly to both Trigs and Edencom to make life extra easy.

  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • No Kill Rights
  • 0.0 Security status
  • Member of an NPC Corporation

Min Bid: 48B
Buyout: 58B

Please post offers here as I won’t usually see IG offers

Skillboard link: Character Sheet

45b Trading at any time

48b offer

50b isk

52B isk

53bil buy out. Isk in hand





58B offer

59b offer

59B offer accepted, please transfer isk and send account name via in game mail

60B offer

Skillboard no longer works. Please create one at char.tools4eve.com

offer canceled

@Jnari please update original post with https://char.tools4eve.com skillboard.

OP updated with new skillboard link since the old site shut down.

Not sure what’s up with slow response from YouYouD or ChenJKY posting and then rescinding an offer in the middle of the night (I am US TZ)

I will accept a BO from anyone for 59B. If you are buying, please post here so others know and I don’t have to send isk back to people who were 2nd and 3rd.

54bil buy out. Isk in hand. No games… haha

55b offer!